Company Overview

National Enterprises Limited (NEL) is an investment holding company incorporated on August 27 1999 by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. NEL was formed to consolidate the Government’s shareholding in selected State Enterprises and facilitate public offerings on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange.

NEL has invested in industries which drive the economy of Trinidad and Tobago: natural gas and energy-based manufacturing, telecommunications, power generation, and the marketing and manufacturing of basic foods.

NEL holds shares in the following companies:

  • National Flour Mills Company Limited (NFM);
  • NGC NGL Company Limited (NGC NGL);
  • NGC Trinidad and Tobago LNG Limited (NGC LNG);
  • Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (TSTT);
  • Trinidad Nitrogen Company Limited (Tringen);
  • NEL Power Holdings Limited (NPHL); and
  • Pan West Engineers and Constructors, LLC (Pan West).

Together, these companies employ a significant portion of the country’s workforce and act as the vessel for local innovation and expertise development. Through NEL, individual and corporate investors can share in the financial stability and sustainability of these enterprises. Today over 6,000 citizens, who enjoy steady and consistent dividends and benefits from capital appreciation, own 100 million of the 600 million issued shares in NEL.

Our Mission

Guided by our ethical and transparent culture, we will employ a disciplined investment approach to achieve our vision. We will deliver optimal risk-adjusted returns from our diversified investment portfolio to provide superior shareholder value and to broaden national participation in capital markets.

Our Vision

To deliver consistently superior returns to our shareholders, we will focus on strong absolute growth with an emphasis on capital preservation.

Our Team

General Manager
Charles Maynard
Manager, Investment and Accounting
Venita Ramlal
Manager, Investment and Accounting
Venita Ramlal

Who are our current Board of Directors?

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