Shareholder Services

Learn about the services available for our investors.  

Shareholders Services

Through our Registrar, The Trinidad and Tobago Central Depository (TTCD), NEL provides the following services to its Shareholders:
• Updating of personal information
• Company updates and notices
• Dividend payments
• Advice on misplaced share certificates
• Transfer of shares /probate matters

Annual Meeting FY 2022 Highlights

Here are some of the key updates from the 22nd Annual General Meeting.
  • NEL registered a $2 billion increase in net profit form the previous year
  • Between March 2021 to February 2023, NEL's share priced increased from $2.90 to $3.99
  • NEL's financial year has changed in keeping with the government's fiscal year. The year-end will now be September 30th
  • For the fiscal year 2022. NEL experienced the highest retained earnings for past five years. In financial year 2022, NEL reported retained earnings of $2.7 billion whereas in 2021, the earnings reported was $407 million

Shareholders Update Your Records

Here's what you need to update your records
  • Signed copy of the shareholder information form. Download Form Here
  • One valid form of photo ID. The ID must be certified by way of signing.
  • A utility bill in the shareholder’s name verifying address.
    • The utility bill must not be older than six months and can take form of a WASA, T&TEC, cable or internet bill. Cell phone bills are not accepted.
    • Where the utility bill is not the shareholder’s name, a signed letter from the landlord) including a copy of their ID) addressed to the Trinidad and Tobago Central Depository can be submitted.

Documents are to be submitted to Trinidad and Tobago Central Depository (TTCD) email or call (868) 625-5107 ext 227.

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