WHY INVEST? Why wouldn’t you?

Investing is a tried-and-true way of putting your money to work for you and building wealth.


Firstly, ask yourself, “What are my financial goals?” You could be dreaming of an early retirement, wanting tuition money, or looking to build a home. The list can be endless. Take the next step by speaking with a stockbroker or financial advisor. Those experts can help determine your risk tolerance and provide the guidance you may need in deciding which investment product is ideally suited to you.

Investing on T&T’s Stock Exchange is easier than you think

Take these 3 easy steps and start building income:
Contact a Broker
The best starting point is to contact a stockbroker. You could, alternatively, have a conversation with a financial advisor or with someone who has experience and knowledge about the stock market. They will help determine the investment that bests suit you, but to actually own stock all roads lead to a stockbroker.
Get signed up
To get signed up complete a form, provide (2) two copies of national ID, a recent utility bill and a referral letter, usually from a bank. Companies have different requirements than an individual. Getting signed up is also necessary so your dividends can pass through the Trinidad and Tobago Central Depository (TTCD). This is when you will receive your own trading number.
Earning Revenue
The TTCD holds shares in an electronic form. Years ago, all shares were pieces of paper which, as you can imagine, could be easily misplaced. It also took a while to transfer shares from one investor to another if they were being traded. The electronic format makes it safer and faster. This means that getting dividends paid to you is now a lot easier.

Contact any of these registered Stockbroking Firms

Remember your stockbroker’s role is that of a liaison between you and the Stock Exchange. You also have the flexibility to use more than one broker at a time.




Bourse Brokers Limited
Caribbean Stockbrokers Limited
First Citizens Brokerage and Advisory Services Limited
JMMB Investments (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited
Republic Securities Limited
West Indies Stockbrokers Limited (WISE)/

Investing Terms

A stockbroker is a person who is registered with the market regulator, the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (TTSEC), and who works for a registered company called a broker-dealer.

Have a few questions about investing?

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