National Flour Mills (NFM) Limited

National Flour Mills

National Flour Mills (NFM) Limited is owned by National Enterprises Limited with 51.0% shareholding. NFM was established as a public trading company and for fifty (50) years has been contributing to the nation’s food security. Commencing operations as Trinidad Flour Mills in 1966, NFM has over the years expanded its operations to include a wide range of items and is one of the largest local suppliers of feeds to the agriculture sector. Its product lines include: flour, dry mixes, pet food, livestock feed as well as packaged rice, bottled cooking oil, and other products such as coconut milk, instant yeast and ginger tea. It’s core business has been wheat-based and this includes all-purpose flour, bakers’ flour, whole wheat flour, cake flour, self-rising flour, breading flour, wheat germ, wheat bran, wheat cereal and cracked wheat flour.

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